Patch notes

Patch Notes 4/15/2021

Tibet 2nd village safezone reduced.
Guards movements changed in safezone.
Guards got a new skill ( suprise ).
HD healer shackles trap fixed - now gives para.

Patch Notes 04/04/2021

Easter event untill (05.03.2021):
Gifts upon login,per account.
-1x Deco
-2x Rabbit hats (pvp / pve)
Every hour in game you get 1 EGG.(NPC Anemona)
-eggs can be used to trade for Blue Dragon Boxes
-eggs can be used to trade for Deluxe Cake
Game Updates:
Cof/Voh passes added in hefei NPC (Helping Hand).
PvP weapon skin changed.
Hell's Rats in bp can drop rate book tomes.
Item Mall New:
Remove Scroll Saver item.
-the GM will remove the scroll from your weapon !!! And give you the scroll in bag.
IM coins Voucher.
-now you can purchase coin voucher and trade in game,GM will give coins for the voucher amount.

Patch Notes 3/29/2021

-letters removed
-7 day spring relic removed from npc
-Mouse Hat removed from npc.
Ring of Fire update +10 attributes.

Patch Notes 3/20/2021

Nukers OC shield buffed.
New Hefei NPC to help all of you.

Patch Notes 3/16/2021

Tibet bosses and special bosses eg mats rate increased
New bosses/Mobs integrated in the game
Some of the new bosses can drop scroll +1/+2 !
We are working on bringing CC dungeon or some other dungeon!.

Patch Notes 3/13/2021

Tibet bosses and Special bosses Defense Decreased a bit.
Tibet Bosses (including special) spawn time have been changed.
- spawns between 3h & 50 min - 4 hours.
Evil General Wei
-spawns between 5h & 50 min - 6 hours.
Bloody Plain War
-TGW defense decreased
-TGW boss can drop etheral weapon up to 12 pieces.
-CC5 Chests can drop etherals !
SrS Hyiami boss etheral weapon drop rate increased
Storm Vs Storm Loot Room can drop Etheral weapons.
Bandit Female deco will be added in IM.
SF H4 wb fix, critical removed.(ck ar/ ar added)
Spring Letters drop rate increased in all Dungeons.

Final Patch Notes 3/6/2021

Evil General Wei:
-spawns in BP
-Damage increased , defense,ck def increased.(hard to beat solo)
-spawns in BP between 5-6 hours.
-drops eg mats,sd,Extreme Refinment scroll crafting materials.
Hell's rats
-spawns in BP only,5 on each side.
-spawn time between 2.5 - 4 h
-hp reduced by 1kk
Evil Hiyami:
-spawns under 2nd village in Tibet.
-Damage increased , defense,ck def increased.(hard to beat solo)
-spawn time between 3-4 hours.
-drops eg mats,sd,Extreme Refinment scroll crafting materials.
Snow man :
-spawns in hefei near arena of heroes.
-drop rate much higher at this boss.
-drops eg mats,sd,Extreme Refinment scroll crafting materials.
-spawn time every 10 hours.
King Liang
-spawns every 3-4 hours
-drops eg mats,sd,Extreme Refinment scroll crafting materials.
True General Wei
-drops sd,Extreme Refinment scroll crafting materials.(Higher Chance in game)
Hermit of South Sea and Overlord of North Sea
-Each drops 10 blue dragon boxes !
SrS dungeon
-Boss can drop Etheral materials.
Starting Pack
-you get the gift at level 1
-the weapons are permanent,no lvl req and it will not expire anymore.
-the clothes defense have been increased a bit.
-You now get gift at HM and Hermit level(star dust)
- All BK/GK plates stats increased.
- New !-permanent PvP relic craftable in NPC near Wan Daye.
- +1/+2/remove scroll craftable in NPC.
- All Hermit 4 set stats have been changed(upgraded).
- EG/SD mats added into all Tibet map Bosses and Special Bosses(Snow Man,Evil GW,Evil Hyiami,King Liang)
-Blue Box can drop scroll +1,+2 ,Remove scroll
-mobs can drop blue box
-weapons drop sell price increase.
-Bosses can drop blue dragon box,eg mats,sd.
-Special bosses drops rate increase.
-Special bosses contains mats for scroll +1,+2. ( TGW,Evil general wei,Evil Hiyami,Snow Man ,King Liang).
Storm vs Storm:
-SvS deco now has PvP stats.
-Expires after 7 days.

Patch Notes 02/28/2021

The patch contains:
Spring Event
-Check the new NPC in hefei and craft the relics.(located near wan daye)
The event letters of Spring Event can be found in dungeons.Read the letter description.
Changes to PvE weapon.(More damage).
Few more mobs added in Tibet Map.
Tibet map EXP will be increased a little bit.
Enjoy the Spring

Patch Notes 02/19/2021

Few fixes on some decos.(some 30 days deco had some error)
Damage increase on PvE weapons.
Defense decrease on KJ purple run. ( Apparenty the defense was higher than other passes).
Zombie level in bamboo increased up to 200.

Patch Notes 02/13/2021

Tibet map released
-banners removed
-all epithets from Tibet changed.
-cap level DB8 (level 200)
-Classic HM/H set can be farmed in Resources(2slots,600 def)
-bosses respawn time between 3-4 hours.
-gifts at PS12/DB8.

All clan's clothes can be found as Hermit 4 sets by killing Tibet bosses.
-drops Randomly ( can get it with slots,just like FD12)

EG weap damage increase
PvE weap damage increase
Hybrid YYBS self buff was changed.
-Yang into Yin damage.

Item Mall 30 days decos are now changed into Eternity Deco with eternity deco stats.
-If you have 30 days already it will not become perma,unless you purchase a new one.

Santa PvE deco(the GL gift) can be traded for Bull Deco in bamboo.(Press L->Resources and go at Clan)
-Brown Bull for black side.
-White Bull for white side.

It's possible some quick changes might come in the next days.

Patch Notes 01/20/2020

EG weapon speed decreased to 10%.
EG bracers speed decreased to 15% ( since bracers cannot get speed stats from weapon trade).
Tigrams have been nerfed.(avoiding exploits).
Warriors YYBS should give proper damage now 400/400 yybs( it came to my attention it was 400/200 YYBS not 400/400 ).
Healer and Hybrids oc1/oc10/rc4 smashes damage increase for Cheng 10/11/12.
Healer and Hybrids second role smash damage increase at c10/c11/c12 and gives slow 50% at cheng 10/11/12.(I dont remeber if there are books for c11/c12).
Healer and Hybrids melee AOE - damage increase.
Ice map 3rd village safe zone fixed,it should not longer be outside walls.

Patch Notes 12/19/2020

ALL DUNGEONS from HZ/NN drops FD12 clothes set for both sides ! ( black and white side).
Only the Main boss and his Mini boss will drop the items in gcm/bt.
And in SCM/WT both bosses can drop .
-you can get between 4-10 pieces per run .
GCM main boss ( hope it wont bug anymore,let me know).
- the main boss will wait you in the middle ( he can be killed once all the mini's in the room have been killed )
-The main boss can now drop Hell's Silver.
BT dungeon will drop more pieces than GCM or any other !
- It will also drop Hell's Silvers , more than GCM.
Snow White deco (Christmas one) the slot bug should be fixed.

Pre-Patch 12/12/2020

Hefei tournament epiteth created.
Hefei tournament unique PvP deco.(this might change in the future)
Several Fixes regarding some errors in maps.
Bloody Plain outside guard removed , 2 guards added in each safe zone.
Christmas Hefei map added.
Christmas BOOSTED PVP deco gifted to everyone ( 1 per account ). ( cannot be traded , so no point in making new accounts )Event ends in 30/12/2020
You can now find hell's silver in blue dragon boxes.
General Wei from CC will now drop Hell's silver.(5 hell's silvers )

Patch notes 11/11/2020

Materials for PvE weapon have been decreased.
Hybrids Reflect Buff has been changed into Yang and Soul Self Buff.
Healers self buff now gives Yin and Soul .
All healers fast nukes has 0 casting and range casting 15.
All healers FC1 nuke recast reduced to 8 seconds.
CoS buff no longer gives speed.
WuTang healer Transience-Explosion (Chi) Fixed.
Chi Kung Def trink hp reduced to 2%.
CC black market gamble Weapon Orn and Hat prices have been decreased.
sz/zz/jinan/datong/hz/nn -map bosses can drop gold between 1kk-6kk - drop chance 100% .
Adv. Lightfoot Tomes drop chance have been increased a lot and added into more mobs in sz/zz.
Ice map bosses defense balanced(all equal).
Snow kid def decreased.(like others special bosses).

Patch notes 10/25/2020

Patch notes : 10/25/2020 Halloween event patch.

Event items (Craftable in NPC Moonshine Lady) -Pumpking hat ( 15 days ) -Carnival Mask(perma) -Ninja Assasin Deco 15 days

Halloween Zombies/Dark Ghosts Spawns in all maps starting from shi zhang/zengzhou.
-drops big Pumpkings/big Candles
-drops sweets +10 atributes pills.
Spawns between 15-35 minutes.
Hourly Gift also gives 1 Pumpkin / 1 big candle every hour.

New decos in the game ( Soon will be added in the website ItemMall ).

Default experience increased in all 15x ( Will lower it in LD/Ice map)

Minor fixes to some items.

Patch notes 10/16/2020

Special Bosses and Liaodong Bosses will give 2 global buffs upon Boss death.
-if you die you lose the buff.
Ice Map mobs now drops Blue Dragon's Treasure Boxes.
Several SrS mobs level have been increased (Test it and let me know)
-so cap level can farm some karma.
All dungeon sets now gives defense.
-EC-8 RTD quest set clothes now gives 600 def
-gb6/cs6/gl6 dungeon set now gives 600 def (Vagabonds can also wear this)

Merchant weapons(press L -> Resources)have been upgraded to 5000/10000 critical rate.

EC Wan Daye-weapon have been buffed.

You can now teleport in every map using E ( Need Couriers).
You can now teleport to Beast Tower entrance.
You can now Trade your PvE weapon for Clean one in CC market.

Extra items added into Blue Dragon's Treasure boxes
-mastery pill
-leech pills

Patch notes 09.12.2020

Blue Treasure Boxes Contains:
-End game weap materials
-scale/tear/js/IM bags/Summons/Roars/7days prem
-refine materials
-summer decos (limited days)
-exp/drop/combined cards
-sd/ft/gt/ps/triple grove cutter(hermit()/extras

1.Liaodong mobs + LD bosses can drop Blue Treasure Boxes

2.Beast Place Dungeon Zhurong Boss
-can drop Treasure Boxes (higher drop chance in the game)
-higher drop chance for end game materials
-more star dusts drop

3.The lightfoot tomes drop chance have been increased in NN/HZ and added the tomes to other mobs.

4.Special Bosses
- King Liang level have been increased.
- Special Bosses can also drop blue treasure boxes.

5.Hiyami Skull drop have been fixed

PvP reloggers RULE ! (task manager client kill) !
-post a video of the relogger public !
- after 3 attempts(videos) I will remove the highest elixir attribute he/she has.

Patch 08.24.2020

You can now craft Star Dust with Skulls !

Clan Clothes from Dungeon WT/SCM (old acclaim ones ) now gives 600 defense.

SRS 10 skulls / 10 star dust

You can trade MASK for Dungeon Passes at Mo Tailan NPC(press Resource button).

New PvE weapon added to NPC.

The Special bosses defense have been decreased.

The icy map bosses defense have been decreased also.

The Special bosses are droping end game materials (eye/bead etc...)

You can craft 2 epiteths CK and Melee at the NPC with Rat Dragon's Soul.

-the materials for this can be found in Liaodong at the Ruined Villages.

-Go and Kill Hell's Dragon Rat and collect the materials ,spawn time every 3 hours !

Cap level increased up to Hermit 12 ! (You can level inside SrS)

Karma Title points have been reduced ,now you will get for example:

-Destiny¡¯s_Hand 3900 points Hell¡¯s_Pawn 3500 points

You can now teleport in Bloody Plain on E


You can now enter the [North Sea Icy Palace Map] and enjoy everything that it has to offer. With this new addition come the following changes:

Gameplay changes:
  • Level CAP has been raised to Little Master 12 [LM 12 - level 168]
  • Upon reaching Golden Lotus 1 [GL 1 - level 133] you will receive a deco that has been custom created for PvE it has the following stats:
    • 3/1000 of damage absorbed into Life
    • 3/1000 of damage absorbed into Vital Energy
    • Damage increased by 7% on critical hit
    • Attack rating increased by 5%
    • Chi Kung attack rating increased by 5%
  • A PVP focused deco can also be crafted in Hefei, it has the following stats:
    • Physical / Chi Kung defense increased by 100
    • Yin Damage increased by 200
    • Yang Damage increased by 200
    • Soul Damage increased by 200
    • Physical Damage increased by 200
  • Golden Coin Mansion has been added. [Stardust] and [Skulls] have been added into the drop table.
  • All the bosses in the North Sea Icy Palace Map drop [Stardust]
  • The North Sea Icy Palace Map bosses respawn rate has been reduced to 2h30m

Server changes:
  • Upon logging in you will receive the Carnival of Souls (CoS) buff. Therefore, the buff is permanent. If it expires just relog. This has been done after we have seen the many requests for the buff to be applied.
  • To better protect our new players PVP has been disabled in the second level maps: Shi Zhang and Zhengzhou.

Other changes not related to the new map are as following:
  • Lucky Gold Boxes are now dropping [Stardust]
  • [Inner Spirit Trinket] Chi Kung defense has been increased from [200] to [300]. This has been done to further balance the PVP state of the game.
  • Mask cooldown has been reduced from [30m] to [5m].
  • Life pills are now healing for 150 life, the cooldown is 30 seconds.
  • The Speed Pills from the Master and Pupil NPC have been nerfed.
  • School of Rising Sun passes are now dropping in Liaodong.

More changes to come.
Happy grinding.