Frequently asked questions

Press F1 in game to read more about 9dragons.

Make sure the 9Dclassic client folder is added in exceptions/exclusions.

Add ninedragons.exe ,the black icon in DEP.

Click here for Fix

You must open the game with NDLAUNCHER.exe and press START GAME !!!

Make sure the 9Dclassic client folder is added in exceptions/exclusions.

Add ninedragons.exe ,the black icon in DEP.

Click here for Fix

No,almost all items from IM can be crafted in game,press L-Resources

No,its auto second role after you chose clan/role.

If you wish to make the quests go ahead.You get karma/relics for it.

Contact the GM via support ticket or facebook page.

Yes,you will receive starter pack at level 1.Weapon and Clothes.

Every hour you get Star Dust,it multiplies every hour up to 5 hours.

You will receive more gifts upon reaching EC,FC,CS,GL,HM,LM,H,PS,DB levels.Make sure you got empty slots in bag.

Star Dust is a Resource Material that can be used to craft many items,specially ItemMall.Press L and check the Tabs there.

All materials can be found by doing dungeons or killing bosse,some can also be crafted inside the NPC,check Hefei NPC's.Press L->Resources.

Star Dust can be obtained by playing,you get it every hour.

Star Dust drops from Bosses In all maps

Star Dust can drop by killing Bosses in dungeons.

Star Dust can be found in Lucky Gold Boxes in all maps.

Star Dust can be crafted in hefei NPC,press L-Resources.

Good Karma Points
Brave_Heart 149
Noble_Soul 499
Peaceful_Warrior 1999
Awakened_Soul 2499
Hero_of_The_Land 399
Selfless_One 4499
Blessed_by_Fate 5999
Destiny¡¯s_Hand 6499
Dweller_on_The_Threshold 7499
Seeker_of_Atonement 8999
Bad Karma Points
Dark_Heart 49
Ignoble_Soul 249
Savage_Warrior 699
Captive_Soul 1699
Scar_of_The_Land 2699
Selfish_Fiend 3699
Cursed_by_Fate 4699
Hell's_Pawnl 5699
Demon_on_The_Threshold 6699
Minion_of_The_Damned 7699
+1 - 100%
+2 = 100%
+3 = 100%
+4 = 100%
+5 = 100%
+6 = 70%
+7 = 60%
+8 = 50%
+9 = 40%
+10 = 30%
+11 = 20% ~ 30%
+12 = 10% - 20%

Yes,you can invite your friends by using your Referal Link!.

Click here,make sure they register under your FORM.

After he registered you can see him/her in your referal page.

At the moment we only accept Paypal or virtual coins such as Etherum.

If you want to donate with Etherum you must contact the GM zeroBlood.

Buying, selling and trading accounts and items for real money or to any other gaming servers that does not affiliates 9dclassic is strictly PROHIBITED.

If you are caught buying, selling and trading items for real money outside website, community chat (Facebook, Forum, Discord and etc.) and in-game might result in being banned permanently.

Any donations made to the server are non-refundable.We DO NOT sell credits,we ONLY accept donations made willingly by the user of the account. All donation values have its own credits rewards.

You can buy level 1 and level 2 elixirs in clan base.The lvl 3,4,5,6 can be found in dungeons wt/scm/bt/gcm,or bosses.The lvl 7 can be crafted in hefei NPC.