Cant see server list?Take this file,put it in your
Halloween Event ON !
see patch notes.
You can change your EG weap with a Clean one in CC Black Market ( Resource )
-40 star dust + eg weap
You can craft blue dragon's treasure boxes in Hefei.
Hourly Gift Added
-1 star dust every hour
High Security system !
No more cheaters.
Insta ban if caught trying to exploit the game.
I've decided to change Datong,Jinan,Hangzhou,Nanchang maps into PvE to increase the server population. The Experience will be increased in these maps to help everyone reach Liaodong/North Sea Icy Palace map a bit faster.
Reach level 13 in bamboo and you get starting gift!
4x Experience event starts at 20:00 server time Friday-Sunday 23:59
Item Mall and Donations are back online!
Item Mall and Donations are temporarily disabled!
It will reopen again 5/26/2020 at 16:00 (Server Time)!
Welcome to 9Dragons Classic!
  • If there is any issue contact us at our Discord. Join here
  • Our server is called Retro(Pk),you can pvp from sz/zz.
  • We will add more info and improve our website in the next days.